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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • fumed silica99%

1) Shoes-making industry: rubber outsole reinforcement agent similar to black  carbon. It brings the light color and transparent appearance of rubber outsole  with excellent performance

2) Tyre industry: decreases friction on ground sharply, and increases the tyre   holding on the wet and icy ground. The bonding between curtain threads or   woven material and rubber compound is improved;;

3) Silicon rubber: its aging, resilience and compression set are increased
4) Plastic industry: increases the plastic products' flexibility, strength and   resistance to water
5) Coating industry: it provides the performance in preventing coating from   aggregating and hanging down. It can increase the viscosity and dull the   coating shine
6) Pharmaceutical industry: it gives a function of increasing the viscosity, floating   and dispersing. It can be a carrier and an anti-lumping agent

This product is amorphous form white powder,good insulativity,insoluble in water and common acid,while soluble in caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid.No decomposition under high temperature.There is water imbibition ,non-poisonous,tasteless.

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Fumed silica
Fumed silica
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